The history of an Italian guy coming to Norway!

Every time you leave your own country, you know that you are leaving a part of yourself behind. But you also know that you will come back one day, and this means that during an experience abroad you will reinforce the bond to your country. Seeing your country from an international prospective is very useful.

I already had some study-work experience from abroad during high school, so I know how this experience is important for personal growth. In every part of the world there is something different that you should learn about; different cultures, habits, food, lifestyle, and religion. You just have to try it! This is the main reason that prompted me, for the second time, to try another adventure, another challenge – now in Norway!

From the first day, … no, actually from the first step I took down from the ladder to get off the plane, I was sure that I had made the right choice about coming to Norway. Just an impression, just a feeling. I arrived to Oslo three days before starting the language course, in order to understand where I was, and get used to the Norwegian climate.  I had no particular problems, except when the cashier asked me if I wanted the receipt (the famous “Kvittering ?”) .

And so, I started the language course at Folkeuniversitetet for one and half month. Luckily, I found a really nice class. During brakes, in fact, all the students asked me something about my country, about Italy, in the same way as I asked about their culture too.

After the “Norskkurs” I met for the first time my future boss, Adam from Språkreisebyrået. From this day, I knew that I made the right choice, and that this will be a great experience!

There was never a moment of embarrassment of the “newcomer” and especially no sense of inadequacy. I immediately felt part of the team, and my work is contributing step by step to the company’s growth. And this is due to the special people that are working at Språkreisebyraet. They are competent and prepared, and never hesitate in advising me every time I ask for help.  So, I want to take the opportunity to give a special thank to Adam, Ludmila, Siri and Tine.

Initially I had to terminate the internship at the end of December, but just few days ago, Språkreisebyraet  and Akershus Fylkeskommune decided to extend my internship until March. So, you can imagine that I’m very excited now.

I have to leave you because works is calling. Thank you for spending time to read my story.

Matteo from Umbria, 25, an Italian new graduate in Trade Marketing and Sales Strategies.

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